Experts in metal inserts for molded rubber parts and deep drawn metal parts

Jay Manufacturing located in Los Angeles California provides a full-service metal stamping and forming solution for all our customers. We can make tools, manufacture, assemble, finish and package your stamped, formed, or cut metal parts to be shipped to any location, on time and to specification. We're your sheet metal stamping experts.

Aerospace Metal Parts

Fitting metal stamped parts into rubber. When parts require stamped metal inserts to fit correctly into rubber molds, Jay Manufacturing has the experience to build the right solution. Aerospace companies and airplane manufacturers worldwide request Jay Manufacturing on projects because they know we consistently deliver quality metal stamped parts. Our size capabilities range from tiny washers to large three-foot inserts made for molded rubber parts. Our Quality Management System is compliant with AS9100 requirements.

Architectural & Art Metal Parts

Water jet cutting for custom architecture and art Architects, designers, and artists come to Jay Manufacturing to have their projects and custom designs water cut by us. Whether it is trim for a staircase, architectural fencing, custom roof trim or a sculpture, Jay Manufacturing is happy to assist.

Signs and Lettering Metal Parts

Water jet cutting for custom signs and lettering. Customers looking for signage come to Jay Manufacturing. With our water jet machine, we have the ability to layout and cut a wide range of materials. We often are able to do this in a short timeframe. We have made a variety of custom signs over the years.

Pump and Valve Metal Parts

Deep drawn and stamped metal parts.
An expert in deep drawn metal forming techniques and metal stamping, Jay Manufacturing is a valued partner to many customers who require pump and valve parts, like hot tub and spa manufacturers. We make a wide assortment of quality wear-rings and escutcheons from stainless steel. Other deep drawn metal parts include Sierra cups and cups for carbide grinding tools. We also make stamped tension washers.

Entertainment Industry

Movie and special effects props.
Jay Manufacturing works with a number of prop houses and others in the entertainment industry to produce parts for movie props and special effects.

Lighting Metal Parts

Punch press solutions for the lighting industry, Jay Manufacturing is well-known in the lighting and light fixture industry. Our metal stamping capabilities are ideal to make any metal part in a quality lighting system. More than just functional, we can help your design team create beautiful decorative parts as well. We make short-run metal stamped parts on the abrasive water jet machine and longer run-parts on our wide assortment of punch presses.

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